Accounting Services for High Net Worth Individuals

As an individual with a high net worth, you are very busy with maintaining your online presence, attending meetings, and running your business. The last thing you need is to be bogged down with logistics and other elements of your business that divide or take away from your time. Our tax and accounting services focus on minimizing your annual tax burden while strategizing for the future, ultimately assisting with what you need to preserve your wealth.

As you focus on the details of your ever-growing, ever-changing career, we focus on the details so that you can remain focused on your success and additional goals you have for yourself and for your company. We understand the importance of having advisors you trust. Our experienced team of tax advisors are here to ensure your financial success now and in the long run.

While some businesses remain high profile and others have a much lower profile, our team is consistent in making sure the needs of our clients are met, no matter the net worth. Whether you need entity structuring, tax planning, or more detailed projects, such as assisting you or other members of your team with stock options, including NQSO’s, ISO’s, restricted stock, and analysis of IRC Section 83(b) elections, we are here to help your business run smoothly.

While some people may be striving to enhance their business, others may be in the process of transition planning, ready to get out of their business, whether through a career change, retirement, or other reason. Contract reviews play a critical role when it comes to operations, management, and all other business activities, deeply impacting and determining the rights and interests of businesses—these contract reviews are very important.

When the time comes, we can work on contract reviews, a rational analysis that includes contracted related-facts, accessibility of the contract and its factors, and any forecast of risks involved in the contract. This is a continuous and strenuous process that we want to help make easier for you. Whether you want to enhance your business or transition out of your business, we are here to help.

Froehling Anderson has time and resources to assist with all of your business needs. We have a myriad of business services that range in experience, expertise, and planning, including: reviewing allocation of wages by state to minimize state taxes, planning for residency, estate & gift planning, tax planning, family office services, audit representation against the IRS and other jurisdictions, entity structuring, assisting individuals with stock options, and training on record-keeping to ensure maximization of deductions, among many other services. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you.


About the Author: Wade Christensen

Wade Christensen, CPA is a tax partner at Froehling Anderson specializing in working with businesses, professional athletes, and high net worth individuals.