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Doris Hentges, CPA is a Senior Tax Manager specializing in multi-state taxation.

Tax Benefit Opportunity

Tax benefits can be the result of a NOL, or "net operating cost". The TCJA made changes to how NOLs are treated during taxes, so read on to learn what that could mean for your

How Hiring Can Lead To Tax Savings

Many businesses hired in 2017, and more are planning to hire in 2018. If you’re among them and your hires include members of a “target group,” you may be eligible for the Work Opportunity tax

Claiming Bonus Depreciation On Your 2017 Tax Return

With bonus depreciation, a business can recover the costs of depreciable property more quickly by claiming additional first-year depreciation for qualified assets. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), signed into law in December, enhances

Bonus Depreciation Enhances by The TCJA

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) enhances some tax breaks for businesses while reducing or eliminating others. One break it enhances — temporarily — is bonus depreciation. While most TCJA provisions go into effect

Accrual-basis taxpayers: Year-end tips that could save you money

With the possibility that tax law changes could go into effect next year that would significantly reduce income tax rates for many businesses, 2017 may be an especially good year to accelerate deductible expenses. Why?

Proposed Tax Break Legislation: What You Need to Know

There are two valuable depreciation-related tax breaks that can potentially reduce your 2017 taxes, if you acquire and place in service qualifying assets by the end of the tax year. Tax reform legislation has been

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