About Robb Prestholdt, CPA, CMA

Robb Prestholdt, CPA, CMA is a senior manager at Froehling Anderson specializing in Business Success Services to help clients run their businesses better.

Benefits of CFO Services

A great CFO can do more than help a company’s bottom line—they can put key processes in place to drive growth and culture. CFO’s provide their company with direction and vision that is invaluable. Why

Defining The “Cash Gap”

A "cash gap" can occur when a business tries to overcompensate for a shortage of cash by continuing to sell more. Robb Prestholdt, CPA, CMA explains this term to help your business steer clear of

Job Cost Reporting

Custom jobs require ongoing supervision to achieve the best financial results. Whether you’re a general contractor constructing a strip mall, a manufacturer building made-to-order parts or an architect drawing up blueprints, once a project is

Fixed vs. Variable Costs

Breakeven analysis can be useful when investing in new equipment, launching a new product, or analyzing the effects of a cost reduction plan. The breakeven point is fairly easy to calculate using information from your

Pricing Strategy for Products: Economy, Skimming, Penetration, and Premium

Pricing your product or service appropriately to make a profit in the face of competition is challenging. One way to mitigate that challenge is to utilize pricing strategy for your products or services. Companies have

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