About Wade Christensen

Wade Christensen, CPA is a tax partner at Froehling Anderson specializing in working with businesses, professional athletes, and high net worth individuals.

Accounting Services for High Net Worth Individuals

As an individual with a high net worth, you are very busy with maintaining your online presence, attending meetings, and running your business. The last thing you need is to be bogged down with logistics

Valuation Discounts for Estates and Gifts May End

Earlier this month, the IRS released proposed regulations aimed at eliminating certain practices of transferring value to descendants at a discounted value.  The proposed regulations under IRC Section 2704 are aimed at two current estate

New mortgage interest deduction limit for unmarried co-owners

Many taxpayers take advantage of the itemized mortgage interest tax deduction on the mortgage interest paid in a calendar year on their first and second residences.  Until recently, the amount of interest a taxpayer can

A new strategy for upping your retirement contribution game

Many people are aware of the ability to contribute to their employer’s 401(k) plan, currently set at $18,000, either through a tax-deferred 401(k) account or a tax-free Roth 401(k) account. However, many employer 401(k) plans

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