Benefits of CFO Services

A great CFO can do more than help a company’s bottom line—they can put key processes in place to drive growth and culture. CFO’s provide their company with direction and vision that is invaluable. Why don’t more companies have a CFO? They are not only difficult to find, but they often require a high salary and investment. Outsourced CFOs or virtual CFOs provide a large upside to any company that requires a high level of attention and expertise. We outlined the benefits of using CFO Services:

  1. Experience – CFO services is not one person, it is a team of industry experts who have come together to help you achieve your company vision. You are given the opportunity to work with a multitude of professionals who know your business and industry.
  2. Approach -Your process and company are unique, so the experience is tailored to fit your company and industry. We don’t put retail practices in place at a manufacturer. You require custom plans and processes that CFO Services can deliver.
  3. Process Development – CFO’s have the difficult burden of helping their owner or CEO develop internal processes to streamline efficiency, growth and bottom line. CFO Services can help you tackle that daunting task. Using our custom Pathfinder Approach, we help businesses put their vision and ideas they have for internal processes on paper and in a plan that can be implemented quickly and easily.
  4. Communication and Meetings – Owners and CEOs are often hesitant to use an outsourced CFO as they feel communication and face-to-face time will lack. This could not be farther from the truth. CFO Services understands these concerns and has developed their team and department to provide constant communication and a steady schedule of meetings. We love to meet with clients—the more the better.
  5. Metrics – We work with business leaders to not only help with their current financial goals, but also develop metrics that are important to their company for future growth.
  6. Cost – The cost to hire and employ a full-time CFO is not a small investment. CFO Services was designed and developed to be cost effective and save you time and money.

Bottom line, using an outsourced CFO team means you receive access to industry professionals whose sole goal is to help you achieve yours. You work directly with the team to ensure you are always in-the-know and aware of everything being done. If you would like to learn more, email Robb Prestholdt at


About the Author: Robb Prestholdt, CPA, CMA

Robb Prestholdt, CPA, CMA is a senior manager at Froehling Anderson specializing in Business Success Services to help clients run their businesses better.