There’s Still Time to Reduce your 2018 Tax Liability

Investing in business assets is a traditional and powerful year-end tax planning strategy, and it might make even more sense in 2018. Sec. 179 expensing and bonus depreciation both allow an immediate deduction for the

Identifying Hidden Liabilities

From bad debts to pending lawsuits, a company’s financial statements may not disclose everything stakeholders need to know to assess its financial health. What’s undisclosed on a company’s financial statements can be just as significant

Audit Process of Royalty Agreements

Who’s monitoring your licenses? Whether due to error or fraud, underpayments may happen when your company licenses intellectual property to others. An external audit can ensure accurate royalty payments. The agreement The parties’ attorneys usually

Should your Business Consider a Cost Segregation Study?

Too often, businesses allocate all or most of a building’s acquisition or construction costs to real property, overlooking opportunities to allocate costs to shorter-lived personal property or land improvements and boost current tax deductions. The

How to Avoid Being a Victim of Cybercrime

How are you helping cyber criminals steal your identity and your money?  We’re too nice. And we’re overly curious. “Oh, an email from my wife…. she doesn’t usually email me at work. Why would she

What You Need to Know About Buy-Sell Agreements

Abstract:   A buy-sell agreement is a valuable document for owners of closely held businesses. These agreements specify whether — and under what circumstances — owners’ interests may be transferred. This article details the advantages

How To Document Business Expenses

Some common deductions for businesses are meal, vehicle and travel expenses. But if you don’t properly document these expenses, you could find your deductions denied by the IRS. Is your business properly documenting them? A critical

Understanding the Audit Committee

It's important to fully understand the role of the audit committee in order to present on the operations of your business. These tips by Brandon Rosenthal, CPA will help you better understand their role. The

Defining The “Cash Gap”

A "cash gap" can occur when a business tries to overcompensate for a shortage of cash by continuing to sell more. Robb Prestholdt, CPA, CMA explains this term to help your business steer clear of

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