Too often, businesses allocate all or most of a building’s acquisition or construction costs to real property, overlooking opportunities to allocate costs to shorter-lived personal property or land improvements and boost current tax deductions. The …Read More


What You Need to Know About Buy-Sell Agreements

Abstract:   A buy-sell agreement is a valuable document for owners of closely held businesses. These agreements specify whether — and under what circumstances — owners’ interests may be transferred. This article details the advantages …Read More


Tax benefits can be the result of a NOL, or “net operating cost”. The TCJA made changes to how NOLs are treated during taxes, so read on to learn what that could mean for your …Read More


The Benefits of Having a Construction Accountant

Owning a construction business requires you not only have knowledge and expertise in your craft, but for your accounting and finances as well. Below, we outlined a few areas your business can benefit from an …Read More

Wade Christensen

A Breakdown of the U.S. Tax Reform Proposal

On September 27th,  the new U.S. Tax Reform Proposal was released. The 9 page Proposal contains new ideas on how business and individual taxation will be reformed. However, there is still a great deal of …Read More