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Evaluating the Best Entity Choices Post-TCJA

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Jill Pettit

Pettit Hired as Marketing Manager at Froehling Anderson

Froehling Anderson, a leading Minneapolis CPA firm, hired Jillian Pettit as Marketing Manager. As Marketing Manager, Pettit will implement marketing and business development strategies for the firm and lead all marketing efforts for continued growth, …Read More

Laurie Simonson

New Employee Orientation

A few months ago, my son called to inform me that he had accepted a new position with a different company.  He was so excited about his new opportunity and anxious to start his new job.  As his first day arrived, I couldn't help but think about him all day and wonder how things were going.  When he called me that evening, I could tell immediately that his day had not gone Well.  As our conversation went on, I learned that his new company had not prepared for his arrival.  His paperwork wasn't ready, they had no plan for training him, he had no assignments and they didn't even have a place for him to sit.  In fact, they excused him early.  This eager young man left his first day on the new job feeling deflated, unwelcomed and undervalued.  This is precisely why solid orientation programs are so critical.  Imagine being invited to a dinner party and upon arrival, they did not have any refreshments, the food wasn't prepared and there was no place for you at the dinner table.  Being unprepared for new hires makes them feel just like a dinner guest without a seat at the dinner table.  …Read More