Private companies have a good reason to celebrate this New Year: The FASB recently updated its guidance to allow them to opt out of the complicated rules for consolidating variable interest entities (VIEs). Consolidating financial …Read More


M&A volume skyrocketed in 2018. However, before you close on a prospective deal, it’s important to consult with your auditor and make sure your post-M&A financial statements comply with U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Prepare the …Read More


The end of the year is approaching and it’s time to perform an effective inventory count. Beyond accounting compliance, a year-end physical inventory count can help reduce carrying costs and unearth fraud. Are you ready to …Read More


Though balance sheet accounts are the customary focus of auditors, revenue is a key income statement account. And it may steal the spotlight in the coming audit season. Contact us to help ensure your company …Read More


From bad debts to pending lawsuits, a company’s financial statements may not disclose everything stakeholders need to know to assess its financial health. What’s undisclosed on a company’s financial statements can be just as significant …Read More


Too often, businesses allocate all or most of a building’s acquisition or construction costs to real property, overlooking opportunities to allocate costs to shorter-lived personal property or land improvements and boost current tax deductions. The …Read More

Laurie Simonson

Starting a New Job

Walking into a new office environment feels uneasy and a bit awkward. Everyone is busy going about their business, chatting with one another, and you feel like an intruder. Hopefully, the proper on-boarding process will …Read More


This summer, three teams of Froehling Anderson employees worked together alongside Bullseye Media’s team to create a video that answers the question, “Why work for Froehling Anderson?” We like coming to work everyday and pride …Read More


CPA Power, Wherever You Go – The New Froehling Anderson App!

As our clients know, we at Froehling Anderson pride ourselves on our attentive and comprehensive customer service. Further, we’re constantly on the lookout for new ways to make CPA-client interaction even more easy and efficient. …Read More

Laurie Simonson

Social Networking & Your Business

Are you fed up with hearing about Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn?  Will you be glad when this "fad" is over with?  Do you avoid discussions about using social networking for business?  Much like when email first came into existence, it is natural to disregard social networking's power and influence.  It is natural to see the negative attributes and not the benefits.  For many of us, social networking is foreign territory and it is difficult to see its impact on our business.  …Read More