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Busy But Having Fun

Our busy tax season starts to ramp up in February due to considerable client information coming in the door. As we begin to approach our first deadline, any small break from the chaos is a welcome escape.  As a new intern, I am impressed with how this firm strives to do something almost every day to lighten the stress that surrounds tax season. This relief may come in the form of Bingo, drawings, fortunes, snacks, or this year in the spirit of the season, the FA Olympic Games. We started off the games by meeting with our teams to come up with a country and create a flag to be displayed at the opening ceremonies. The games then commenced and varied from a marshmallow toss, to sorting M&M’s, to 10 key calculating and many more. There were so many kinds of games; some required skill, some were silly, and some were even somewhat embarrassing. It was all in fun, and every event was something anyone could participate in. We looked forward to these games each day and spent time laughing with our coworkers. The two events each day usually took a combined 15 minutes. This was just enough time to get away without creating a burden on a stressful work load. In the end we closed the games with a medal ceremony, silly prizes, and fond memories. As these games end, we continue to look forward to other fun activities to break up our long days. Froehling Anderson works hard to come up with unique events that help build teamwork and camaraderie.

About the Author: Kari Greene

Kari Green is a senior accountant at Froehling Anderson.