By |November 29th, 2017|

Sink or Swim: My First Busy Season

It’s January 2nd and I am on the elevator up to my new internship at Froehling Anderson. “Ding!” “Well I guess this is it,” I thought as I step off the elevator feeling nervous and a little sweaty. I am greeted by the receptionist; thankfully she knows my name because I am having trouble remembering it. She leads me into a large conference room where I am greeted by the Director of Operations and four other interns. As I take my seat, I notice I am the last one. “Great, what a horrible way to start,” I thought. I slowly look around and start to take everything in. The room is cozy and comfortable; the faces around me seem just as nervous as I am, but kind. Maybe things were going to be all right; maybe I would make it through the next four months without dying.

I didn’t die

My biggest fear didn’t come true; I didn’t die. I know you’re thinking to yourself “Man, this girl is dramatic,” but in reality, everyone thinks this when they start in public accounting. We made it through four years of college pursuing accounting and this is our big break.  But what if the last four years were spent on a dream doomed to fail?

My internship wasn’t all unicorns and rainbows, but it was pretty darn close. There were days that seemed harder than others, and there were days I felt like a genius on top of the accounting world. Every day in my internship was different from the one before. The first two weeks were spent getting to know the individuals that make up Froehling Anderson, and training on all the different programs we would be using. The way Froehling Anderson conducts their first two weeks of the internship is brilliant.

My successes

How did you learn how to swim? Did you have a parent who tossed you in the deep end and hoped you floated? I hope they were a little nicer and at least gave you those arm floaties. Froehling Anderson believes in floaties, but theirs come in the form of your own personal buddy for busy season. They also have a great open door policy, which means partners/managers encourage and welcome questions. They really know how to spice up busy season too by adding lots of fun activities throughout.  Froehling Anderson is truly dedicated to making your internship an enjoyable experience and helping you succeed.

What you put into an internship is what you will get out

You are your own biggest obstacle and the one determining your success. So my advice to you when starting your internship is: don’t be afraid, ask questions and have fun.

If at any point you smiled to yourself while reading this and it sounds like something that appeals to you, check out Froehling Anderson’s Internship Program to see if it’s right for you.