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Powerful Communication Skills for Women Professionals

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus…some days it feels like it more than others! As a woman in leadership, I have learned to recognize that gender differences do exist, but to use these differences to contribute to my success. Yesterday, I had the privilege of sitting in on a webinar titled, “Women Leadership: Powerful Presentation Skills of Top Professionals”, led by Pamela Jett.

In my role as the marketing manager at our firm, I work directly with our partners whose schedules are often full with client needs and deadlines. Therefore, my communication with them must be as efficient and effective as possible. One pointer from the webinar to help me better my communication with the partners is the “Triple S Formula”:

  • Describe the Situation
  • Offer a Solution
  • Ask for Support

As women, we use three times as many words as men; which means that a lot of the message we are trying to convey gets lost in the amount of words we use. The “Triple S Formula” keeps the message simple, yet powerful.

Even if men are from Mars, we still must communicate with them. As professionals, the better we communicate, the more successful we will be and the better the organization we work for will be. I will definitely be using the “Triple S Formula” for my next marketing initiative!

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About the Author: Jill Winter

Jill Winter, MBA is a marketing manager at Froehling Anderson.