Farewell Cindy Castellano



Over the last 23 years, we have been blessed to have the world’s best receptionist at Froehling Anderson. Cindy Castellano has decided to retire and spend more time with family and friends (especially her beautiful grandchildren). Cindy has been the face and voice of our organization for years and has played a critical role. Anyone who entered our office was greeted with a warm welcome by Cindy and always felt cared for and valued by her.

As our firm ambassador, she has also kept us organized, on schedule, and made sure food was delivered timely (so we didn’t starve). She had many important responsibilities at the firm and she always performed at her best. Cindy truly embodied the values of Froehling Anderson. Her positive attitude and contagious spirit echoed the organization’s value of “having fun.” Furthermore, Cindy never hesitated to offer her insights to complex problems, and she reveled in the opportunity to offer creative input to all organizational members. Most importantly, Cindy was an employee of the highest morality. Her coworkers could always count on her to act with integrity and do the right thing. Cindy was a selfless, kind, and hardworking team member at Froehling Anderson, and she will be dearly missed. The next receptionist will have big shoes to fill.

We thank Cindy for positively impacting guests of the firm for 23 years. We wish her well and hope that her new journey to retirement is filled with joy.