Accounting Department Assessment

The Froehling Anderson Accounting Department Assessment is an opportunity for organizations to identify and understand the gaps between existing accounting processes and desired results. Our consultants take a deep dive into your systems; who the key players are, how each system works alongside one another, and what the current outcomes look like. We then provide solutions that can close the gaps and get you the results you are looking for.

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Getting an unbiased perspective on your current processes takes away the emotion that can get tied into process management.

  • Do you say or hear the words, “but that’s how we’ve always done it…”?
  • Do you lack faith in the inputs that derive your management reports?
  • If your accounting team were to win the lottery and never show up to work again, would you be able to seamlessly keep the cogs turning?
  • Are you constantly frustrated that you aren’t getting critical financial information in a timely manner, or in a format that makes sense?
  • Have you missed out on business opportunities because you didn’t have the information to make an educated decision?


  • We interview decision makers and process drivers to understand your systems, perspectives and key operations.


  • We pinpoint triggers of undesirable results and analyze the relationships between the causes and effects. 


  • We document everything we learned as a deliverable to help you understand your roadblocks and successful financial habits. We present action items and recommendations for closing the gaps so you can succeed.

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