Non-Profit Tax Services Rundown

As all for-profit ventures and businesses require tax reviews at the end of every year, so do non-profit organizations. By being more efficient and accountable to donors, grantors, lenders, members, and other stakeholders in your organization, and knowing that your taxes are done accurately will show your benefactors that you are serious about your non-profit organization and that you are using their money wisely.

Non-profit organizations have been around for numerous years, and so has Froehling Anderson with over 70 years of providing our services to the Minneapolis community. The Twin Cities have a lot of non-profit organizations that could benefit from proper budgeting, proper audits, and proper tax reviews. Reporting your taxes can be stressful, whether your non-profit is a small business or a larger firm.

Some of our non-profit services include: audits and reviews, 990 and other tax preparations and filings, employee benefit audit plans, budgeting and forecasting, and board governance, among others.

We can help you fill out your 990 forms, which is a return of organization exempt from income tax, for all of you truly non-profit organizations, with relevant information pertaining to section 501(c), 527, or 4947(a)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code, with the exception of private foundations. There have been multiple revisions to this form in recent years, and what better way to ensure your accuracy of the forms by working closely with a CPA at an accounting form to better assist you during tax season.

You have an organization to run, and lots of fundraising to pursue. Why take up all your time with filling out tax forms when you could spend that time to work on raising additional funds for your non-profit organization? Let us do the work while you focus on growing your organization.

Contact our lead Minneapolis not-for-profit CPA Brandon Rosenthal today.

About the Author: Brandon Rosenthal, CPA

Brandon Rosenthal, CPA is a Audit and Assurance Partner.