Froehling Anderson can help identify areas of your business that negatively affect profitability and growth and provide you with solutions that are practical and technically sound.

We’ll join your company’s management team to facilitate long-term objectives and specific strategies that lead to the growth and success for your business. Our Minneapolis Business Consulting Services include:

We are dedicated to sharing knowledge, collaborating solutions and nurturing your success.  Business Success Services provide you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions to support the growth and profitability of your business.

Key Performance Metrics Reports compares key indicators to companies in your industry and the historical financial performance of your company.
Benefit:  Identifies financial areas of improvement to efficiently communicate and manage the business results.

Strategic Planning identifies goals in a 1 year, 5 year, and 10 year frame and lays out realistic steps needed to achieve the goals.
Benefit:  Helps control the outcome of long-term goals by regularly evaluating progress towards them. 

Price Point Analysis helps determine profitable/unprofitable work by examining how costs are assigned to products or services.
Benefit:  Assists in implementing changes in pricing structure and identifies areas for cost savings.

Financial Budgeting & Financial Projections creates a financial model to quantify expected revenue and costs for a given period of time based upon a set of assumptions.
Benefit:  Helps control costs and evaluates ongoing performance, strategic planning, and can be useful in obtaining financing.

Capital Budgeting enhances the decision making process for a large capital outlay such as the purchase of a new machine.
Benefit:  Helps to determine how the purchase may affect cash flows and profitability.

Pro Forma Financial Statements utilizes historical information to quantify results of an event that could have happened in the past.
Benefit:  Useful for obtaining financing and strategic decision making but less intensive than a financial projection.

Froehling Anderson is your negotiation quarterback for Minneapolis shareholder agreements. Whether you are structuring your first agreement or are preparing for a change in shareholder status, we work with your attorney, banker and other advisors on the financial and business side to line up the right players. We’ve handled the challenging cases, such as conflicts between shareholders or unexpected personal transitions that require a change in ownership interest or valuation. We tie the shareholder agreements into the overall business valuation and buy-sell agreement to ensure that individual interests are aligned with the best strategy for your company. Many of our clients contact us with pending mergers and acquisitions, but you don’t have to wait to review your agreement to make sure it is up-to-date and financially sound.

More than a decade ago, one of our clients was looking for a new CPA to help him create a game plan for succession planning. He wanted to know how to structure the company properly and build it with key leadership in place so that he would have multiple options when he was ready to retire. Froehling Anderson has helped him and many other clients do just that with our Minneapolis business succession and transition services. If you are looking for a-ha moments on how to position your company for the future, our team is ready to help you understand what really affects the bottom line value and the critical players and structures that need to be in place now to protect and maximize everything you’ve built, including:

  • Identifying the right business advisors
  • Conducting internal training and mentoring
  • Systematizing business processes that you’ve handled from memory

With Froehling Anderson, your business can transition smoothly.

The work doesn’t end once the merger or acquisition is announced. Froehling Anderson is experienced in both the technical tax matters to maximize transaction value and the identification of soft issues such as cultural fit, key employee matters, sales mix and other financial synergies to ensure the proper corporate match. Many of our team members have been in private industry and negotiated and executed successful M&A transactions and can help you:

  • Conduct formal projections
  • Perform due diligence engagements
  • Advise you on financing options

Froehling Anderson’s mergers and acquisitions services will provide you with quick turnaround on the numbers. We aren’t afraid to advise you when the transaction doesn’t look like a good fit. Whatever you decide, we will support you through the process and assist with post-transactional issues.

Establishing the worth of your closely held business is rarely a simple or easy process. Our Minneapolis business valuation services can help you confirm your company’s worth by setting values for all tangible and intangible assets. You may need a valuation if you are:

  • Selling your business
  • Creating a buy/sell agreement
  • Estate and gift tax planning/other life changes

Froehling Anderson’s certified business valuation team also has experience in litigation support when business or shareholder values must be confirmed to settle a case. Download “Business Valuations : What Are You Worth?” (PDF)

Working closely with attorneys, our Minneapolis litigation support services can help to advise you or your business on:

  • Shareholder and client disputes
  • Loss or injury of a shareholder
  • Malpractice claims
  • Calculations for property division, child support and maintenance in marital dissolutions

Since one of our tax partners is also an attorney, we have strong working knowledge of the legal protocols and timelines for communication and depositions.

Celemi Apples & Oranges® helps business leaders create a common vision throughout the organization and build a shared understanding of financial and management goals. Apples & Oranges is a one-day, interactive board game style simulation that not only teaches participants the basics of finance, but also enables them to truly internalize big-picture fundamentals such as cash-flow, inventory and sales. Most importantly, they learn how various decisions and actions – including their own jobs – impact profitability. Contact us today to arrange a demonstration.

Because our leadership has had past experience as CFOs in both public and private companies, we understand the importance of the CFO position for strategic business decisions. Froehling Anderson’s Minneapolis CFO For Hire Services can help you achieve your corporate financial goal and mission. Froehling Anderson can help you with your part-time, interim or project-based needs as well as support for your existing CFO. Our cost-efficient financial consultants will help you with:

  • Projection preparation or review
  • Budget review
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Maintaining relationships with banks and attorneys

Negotiating financing or restructuring of loan agreements.