CFO Services

Froehling Anderson can help identify areas of your business that negatively affect profitability and growth and provide you with solutions that are practical and technically sound.

We’ll join your company’s management team to facilitate long-term objectives and specific strategies that lead to the growth and success for your business. Our Minneapolis Business Advisory Services include:

Business Advisory Services

The CFO Services team provides the benefits and guidance of a seasoned CFO without the management and payroll burden. Work with an experienced team to receive the financial direction and reporting you need to help grow your business. CFO Services is founded by proven financial practices. You receive custom direction and reporting as well as a team of professionals that are driven and dedicated to one single goal: your business vision and success.

Every CFO Services client is given unlimited access to the following:

Key Performance Indicators(KPI) – Identifies areas of potential financial improvement for your business using data and key indicators from your specific industry and past historical performance of the company.

Strategic Pathfinder Plan – Develops achievable goals for your business into short team initiatives by holding management accountable and establishing regular vision meetings to ensure steady progress.
Download Strategic Pathfinder Plan guide

Cost Point Analysis – Saves you money by creating an updated pricing model (and overall prices) for your products and/or services. Establishes new systems for price setting and helps you increase your revenue without leaving “money on the table.”

Business Budget and Projections  A custom financial model for your business that aids in setting costs, strategic planning, outlining expected revenue and predicting cash flow and return. The new foundation and backbone of your business.
Download Budgeting guide

Capital Budgeting  Know your ROI when considering a large purchase or capital outlay. Your capital budgeting is built into your financial and projection budget.
Download Capital Budgeting guide

Pro Forma Financial Statements  Enhance strategic decision makers by using your historical data to simulate an event Helps you determine possible outcomes of a current or foreseen event.