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“Hire” a CFO With Freedom

Small business owners and entrepreneurs have always been dream-chasers and in pursuit of passion which leads them to be in the business of … being in business. Realizing a dream and making it work takes purpose, dedication, and the right tools in place for success. And, it requires a keen ability for accounting and finance.

Those attributes aren’t always mutually exclusive, but in many cases they are. Business owners, presidents, CEOs … don’t always have the time to manage the day-to-day financial aspects of their business. Hiring a CFO or controller is a great option, but even that isn’t realistic for many.

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Outsourcing CFO Services

A CFO Service assists businesses with budgets, financial projections, and manageable processes to enable key people to focus on the heart of the business itself. A team of experienced accounting professionals comprises a dedicated team that focuses on managing internal accounting functions as well as Controller-type tasks on behalf of clients.

Imagine adding a dedicated CFO role to your team roster without the burden of payroll, benefits, and organizational chart disruption. Froehling Anderson’s CFO Services and Outsourced Accounting Services were designed to alleviate the stress and management of clients’ full financial pictures.

Who We Help

We’ve cultivated critical industry experience and market intelligence through consulting on behalf of our clients’ companies for 75 years. Our broad experience has lead us to invaluable relationships with business leaders from notable industries including:





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CFO Services for Small Business

Strengthen your knowledge to make informed decisions about the growth and profitability of your business with CFO Services from Froehling Anderson.

As a business owner, you will often ask yourself these questions:

  • How does my business stack up against competition?
  • How should I determine price and valuation?
  • When is the best time to purchase equipment?
  • How do I determine ROI for major purchases?
  • Should I purchase a business? Expand?
  • Where do I want to be in five years? 10?
  • How do I know if my business is truly profitable?

Our Outsourced Accounting Services team will work with you to facilitate long-term objectives and specific strategies to improve and help grow your business with these CFO Services:








Business is hard but rewarding. Allotting the right expertise and time to the function of accounting can also be hard, but with Froehling Anderson’s Outsourced Accounting Services team and CFO Services, you’ll reap even more benefits.

Empowering & Accessible

It’s not uncommon for business leaders to balk at the idea of outsourcing one of the most critical aspects of their business—the financial operation—to a separate source. We acknowledge that and respect it. To that, we’re continually advancing our company’s tools to foster transparency and trust.

VectorQB Dashboard

Part of the frustration with accounting software is the software itself. VectorQB grants a crystal-clear view of your business’s financial status at a glance. This enables you to feel confident in your ability to review, forecast, and react to challenges and opportunities alike. Imagine an immediate pulse on your financial status from anywhere, any time of day, at any moment.

That’s freedom and empowerment.
That’s Froehling Anderson.

Talk with a CFO Services Professional

“We’ve stayed with Froehling Anderson through the years because they are relatively consistent employees and workforce; their top management is stable and consistent.”

Bill S.

“I have never gotten so much accomplished with my last accounting firm in the last two years as I have with Froehling Anderson. You make me feel so good about the decision we made to go with your company! I really appreciate your taking the time to go through all of this with me. You make me feel so much better!”

Cindy L.

“Working with Froehling Anderson means I can sleep at night. If I’m audited, I’m confident in the work and that Froehling Anderson will be on my side.”

Jack V.