Shareholder Agreement Services

Froehling Anderson can help identify areas of your business that negatively affect profitability and growth and provide you with solutions that are practical and technically sound.

We’ll join your company’s management team to facilitate long-term objectives and specific strategies that lead to the growth and success for your business. Our Minneapolis Business Advisory Services include:

Business Advisory Services

Froehling Anderson is your negotiation quarterback for Minneapolis shareholder agreements. Whether you are structuring your first agreement or are preparing for a change in shareholder status, we work with your attorney, banker and other advisors on the financial and business side to line up the right players. We’ve handled the challenging cases, such as conflicts between shareholders or unexpected personal transitions that require a change in ownership interest or valuation. We tie the shareholder agreements into the overall business valuation and buy-sell agreement to ensure that individual interests are aligned with the best strategy for your company. Many of our clients contact us with pending mergers and acquisitions, but you don’t have to wait to review your agreement to make sure it is up-to-date and financially sound.