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Taking the Burden Out of Business Tax Preparation

Business owners are tasked with enough within the day-to-day operations of their companies—tax preparation and managing the IRS just adds to the stress and workload. Froehling Anderson has partnered with businesses for 75 years to offer financial services that offer peace of mind and freedom alike.

Our team of loyal CPAs and tax service experts understand the feat of fully feeling prepared to handle your business taxes.

Tax preparation is about proactivity versus reactivity. Our future-forward perspective helps businesses minimize their tax burden and maximize their return. Taxes are complicated. Let us ease uncertainty. We’re big on continuity and transparency, meaning we don’t just handle your tax and financial services for you, we collaborate with you in a true team dynamic. We all have the same goal—freedom from what financial fears mean to small businesses.

Get Prepared.

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Nothing Too Taxing

We’re the type of people who enjoy tax laws and legislation. It’s true. We continuously seek information and insight that helps position you and your company in the best way possible. Ways that minimize risks and liabilities and ways that benefit your bottom line. Let Froehling Anderson help you feel more confident in your financial and tax point of view.

Taxes come easy for us. We’re here to help you navigate even the most complex scenarios. Trust your team at Froehling Anderson.

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Meet our CPAs

Meet the capable, compassionate people behind our Tax Services offering. Froehling Anderson professionals have the experienced backgrounds that makes them the best fit to help your business grow and thrive.

David F. Benusa
David F. BenusaCPA, MBT
Mergers & Acquisitions, Cost Segregation Studies
Dennis Vannelli
Dennis VannelliCPA
International Tax, Tax Prep,
Tax Planning
Alan J. Delage
Alan J. DelageCPA, JD, LLM
Tax Controversy, Corporate Trust, Minnesota Sales & Tax
Wade Christensen
Wade ChristensenCPA
Stock Option Taxation,
Tax Prep, Tax Planning
Joe Rubenstein
Joe RubensteinCPA
Tax Planning, Multi-State Filings, Return Estimates,
Tax Prep
Steven B. Wagner
Steven B. WagnerCPA
Entity Formation,
Estate & Trust
Daniel D. Hainlin
Daniel D. HainlinCPA
Return Estimates & Tax Preparations, Tax Planning
Doris Hentges
Doris HentgesCPA
Multi-State Filings, Return Estimates, Tax Prep,
Tax Planning

“We’ve stayed with Froehling Anderson through the years because they are relatively consistent employees and workforce; their top management is stable and consistent.”

Bill S.

“I have never gotten so much accomplished with my last accounting firm in the last two years as I have with Froehling Anderson. You make me feel so good about the decision we made to go with your company! I really appreciate your taking the time to go through all of this with me. You make me feel so much better!”

Cindy L.

“Working with Froehling Anderson means I can sleep at night. If I’m audited, I’m confident in the work and that Froehling Anderson will be on my side.”

Jack V.