Starting A Business

So you want to be an entrepreneur? While it is a thrilling and fulfilling venture, there are a number of considerations to evaluate before taking the lead. Read below to learn more about what you should consider when starting a business.


First and foremost, you should define your vision. What is the ultimate goal and purpose of your company? Who are you serving, and what kind of impact do you want to have on the world? What do you want people to say about your company? Outline your mission statement and continually revise if needed until you feel comfortable with the overarching goal of your business. Understand the impact you want to have on the world, and your customers will too. 


What type of employees do you need? How many? People are your most important and valuable asset. Consider how and who you will hire, and outline a plan to sustain retention. Can you create a career for them? Employees want to feel as if they can grow with a company. Personnel is an extremely critical factor you should take time to consider. An HR expert or experienced business mentor are great resources when building plans for employees.

Target Market

Who is your primary audience? Always know who you are selling to. You should consider the market in your region, and what people or businesses believe in your service or product. If you overestimate the number of millennials in the vicinity of your business and you specialize in a tech-heavy product meant for young adults, this could be detrimental to your fiscal success. 

General Business Operations

Equally as important as the fundamentals of your business strategy are the foundational departments that will determine your operational success. Fields such as marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, etc. are crucial to maintaining solid business performance as you grow. You don’t need massive departments, but you should have growth plans in each area so that your firm is built soundly during the startup and growth phases.

Come to Minneapolis

Not sure where to start your business? Minneapolis was recently ranked the 13th best city in the United States to pursue entrepreneurial ambitions. One of the primary contributing factors was the large millennial population, along with extremely low co-working costs, meaning you can attract a young target market and occupy an inexpensive workspace. In summary, strategize with these vital aspects in mind before starting a business, and consider opening your company in Minneapolis!