Internship Tips from Staff Accountant Maranda Hoogenraad

At Froehling Anderson, we take pride in our interns and their achievements. Recently, Maranda Hoogenraad, now a Staff Accountant with us, was featured in The Abstract Accounting Magazine by Minnesota State University, Mankato, where she shared her invaluable insights gained during her internship.

Maranda acquired significant knowledge in audit and tax, but she emphasized that the most valuable aspect of her internship was the opportunity to interact with colleagues and clients. She told the magazine, “The most valuable experience I gained is from interacting with people around me. Building relationships with other staff, managers, partners, and clients allowed me to gain experience in understanding the entire process of providing quality public accounting services.”

She advises future interns to ask plenty of questions, a practice we strongly support. From the beginning, Maranda took the initiative to seek diverse perspectives by engaging with different managers and partners. “You aren’t expected to know everything when you start; you are just expected to make an effort to learn,” she explained.

Maranda’s success story is a testament to the supportive environment at Froehling Anderson. She shared, “The key to a successful internship, especially in public accounting, is accepting that you won’t be perfect, and you’ll get a lot of feedback which will help you succeed more down the road.” She appreciated the opportunity to try new things every day and grow across various accounting topics. “At Froehling Anderson, I got to try new things every day and grow across a wide variety of accounting topics. Between the firm’s culture and ability to work on all kinds of projects, I knew it was somewhere I could call home,” she added.

We are delighted that Maranda had a positive, growth-filled internship experience at Froehling Anderson and are excited to have her continue with us as a Staff Accountant. Congratulations to her, and we look forward to welcoming more bright, eager interns like her. Our goal is to create an enriching environment where everyone can learn and grow together.

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