You went into business because you’re passionate about what you do. You chose manufacturing because you love to solve problems, create, and scale big ideas. You’ve spent years perfecting your approach and serving your clients, but now, you find yourself caught up in cash flow conversations, budget meetings and financial jargon.

But you chose to go into manufacturing, not accounting, and you don’t love how much time you have to spend acting as CFO. Have you considered offloading your financial stress to a trusted CFO service like Froehling Anderson?

We’ll help you understand what an experienced manufacturing company like yours can expect from outsourced CFO services.

Comprehensive Financial Insight

Manufacturing financials go beyond typical businesses. Raw materials, work-in-progress, finished goods, and long-term fixed asset accounts create a complex financial landscape. An experienced outsourced CFO can help unravel these complexities. Find a partner that offers CFO advisory services, helping you navigate and understand the extra complexities of your industry.

Pricing & Profitability Mastery

Accurate pricing is essential. An expert CFO ensures your pricing strategy considers all relevant expenses, such as rent, wages, and insurance, leading to optimal profitability. Understand your product’s true cost by getting a full picture of your costs and profit margins.

Strategic Capital Budgeting

How often do sales reps call you promising that their product is one that will save you both time and money? An outsourced CFO can guide you through these decisions. Develop a capital budget, navigate tax consequences, payback periods, and removal or replacement considerations. Lastly, analyze potential maintenance fees. You’ll have a thorough analysis to back up your gut reaction on when to say yes to new machinery and when to say no and walk away. Your capital budget can help in all areas, whether buying, leasing, replacing, or repairing.

Sustaining Growth with Capital Budgeting

Capital budgeting isn’t just for new investments. It’s vital for maintaining and expanding your business. If this isn’t your forte, don’t worry—it’s ours. Froehling Anderson’s CFO consulting services include a detailed cash flow analysis, helping you make informed decisions for the next 12–18 months.

Understanding Capital Outlays

You need new equipment. How are you going to pay for it? Should you consider repairing older equipment? Can you encourage business owners to purchase or lease equipment for a project? Owning manufacturing assets involves inevitable outlays. Froehling Anderson’s advisory expertise helps you comprehend these fixed expenses, enabling you to plan for immediate needs and future investments. Have confidence that your decisions are backed by solid data.

Outsourced CFO for Manufacturing Excellence

In a sector as distinct as manufacturing, entrust your financial complexities to Froehling Anderson’s outsourced CFO consulting services. Our seasoned manufacturing accountants specialize in lean accounting, ensuring you have the financial freedom to focus on what matters. Gain the freedom to work in your business, not on your business.