Kari Greene

Kari has always loved math and puzzles from a young age, helping her dad balance his check book and doing Sudokus and puzzles in her spare time. Once she started her college accounting classes, she felt right at home. Kari is motivated and energized by passion and finds small business owners to be some of the most passionate people she has ever met. She came to Froehling Anderson in 2015 and enjoyed tax work, but really fell in love with audit and review work because, she says “I really get to know our clients and their businesses, and I get to see their excitement as they talk about their business and plans for the future.”

She was also able to apply her love of puzzles and problem solving. She says, “As well as their accomplishments, I also get to hear our client’s pain points, which are often accounting related. I am then able to apply my passion to relieve their stress. Being able to help our clients so they can focus on their business and passion is the most rewarding part of my job.” Kari spends her free time with her husband, son and daughter doing activities outside, seeing plays and concerts, trying new foods, watching movies, and traveling. She recently retired from an 18-year rugby career, but still goes and cheers on her team any chance she gets.