Jacquelyn Bistodeau

Jacque brings 15 years of experience working with closely held companies, corporations, estates and trusts, non-profits, and high net-worth individuals. At her core, it’s the chance to collaborate with clients and discover solutions that align most effectively with their needs that excites her. In fact, “it’s helping provide solutions for clients” that initially drove her to the field of accounting. Having worked with manufacturing companies for much of her career, she possesses a deep understanding of their unique financial challenges and operational intricacies. Her extensive background in financial analysis, strategic planning, and risk management allows her to provide invaluable insights to help companies optimize their processes, enhance profitability, and navigate market fluctuations effectively.

When she’s away from the office, Jacque dedicates her time to her family and friends. Balancing her role as a CPA and mother of two active boys, she enjoys spending time doing outdoor activities and is often spotted at the softball field throughout the summer months. Following a decade-long career in women’s rugby, she became an active member of St. Cloud’s nonprofit rugby association where she also assumes the informal position of photographer, capturing moments from local matches played in the community.

Kyle Welle

Kyle has had an exciting experience in the accounting industry. He was first introduced to accounting through an Introduction to Accounting class in college, and he enjoyed the many opportunities there were in this profession. “There will always be a need for tax accountants as long as there are taxes” states Kyle. He brings a wealth of skills to his career in this industry; problem-solving, research, writing, communication, learning, and team-building skills.

He is passionate about what he does because there is never a dull moment. He gets to help clients optimize their tax strategies as the tax laws are frequently changing. This allows him to solve new problems daily, all the while doing it alongside great people. When he’s recharging away from the office, Kyle likes to spend time outdoors hiking and biking. He enjoys exploring new places such as state and national parks, as well as different cities and states.