Brandon Rosenthal


Brandon Rosenthal

When given a choice between cats and dogs, Brandon will go with dogs every time. “You could say that I’m a dog person,” he says. Like most, he appreciates their trustworthiness, loyalty and reliability—traits he happens to share. As a partner in Froehling Anderson’s Business Consulting Department and leader of the firm’s Assurance Services, Brandon strives to be someone his clients—primarily business owners—can turn to. “My clients trust me to answer certain questions,” he says. “It feels great to be able to help them out and, of course, reduce their stress.”

Brandon first discovered his flair for accounting in high school and stuck with it through college. After graduating in 2005, he worked in private industry for one year before coming to Froehling Anderson in 2006. “I love that each day brings a new challenge,” he says of his career choice. Regardless of the challenge, he’s known for getting the job done—right. In his free time, Brandon can usually be found hanging out with his wife, children, and their beloved dog, Levi. He also enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing softball, watching movies, and attending local sporting events.


Minnesota State University, Mankato, Bachelors of Accounting

Specialty Areas

Audit & Review Services
Accounting Services
Business Consulting


Manufacturing & Distribution
Professional Services

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