David F. Benusa


David F. Benusa

Dave originally got started in the accounting industry when he worked as an internal accountant for a closely held retail business while he was in college. This is where he learned how a proactive CPA can help business owners achieve their financial goals.

The first five years of his accounting career was spent as a generalist doing audit, accounting, and tax work. Upon completing his Masters of Business Taxation, his primary focus for the past 28 years has been on tax compliance, planning, and succession. Along with Dave’s diligent efforts in understanding tax code, his relational nature in how he connects and communicates with clients has aided in them defining and achieving their specific financial goals. His career has allowed him to spend time with and learn from successful business owners. He values the opportunities to apply lessons he’s learned over the past 33 years to be able to help others be financially successful.

When he’s recharging away from the office, Dave enjoys spending time with his family and friends at their lake house, cooking, and being on the boat.


Bachelors of Accounting from St. Cloud State University
Masters of Business Taxation from University of Minnesota

Specialty Areas

S Corporate Taxation
Tax Planning


Professional Services
Real Estate

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