DJ Jahn


DJ Jahn

My wife recruited me to Froehling and I haven’t looked back. As nerdy as it sounds, taxation was extremely interesting to me since the first time I paper-filed my very first tax return to get a $27 federal refund. After spending 6 years in the Navy, I knew I had to get an accounting degree to get into the world of preparing tax returns. There, I met my wife while we were both pursuing accounting degrees at St. Cloud State. She wanted to be an auditor and I was going to do taxes but we knew enough about the other side of public accounting that we could debate which side was better (I obviously won).

While not working (and weather permitting), I love taking the family camping or to visit my 2-year-old son’s grandparents.


St. Cloud State University

Specialty Areas

Tax Compliance
Tax Research
Multi-State Taxation
Tax Planning


Real Estate
High Net Worth Individuals

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