Laurie Simonson, PAFM

At the heart of Froehling Anderson’s success is Laurie, our dedicated Director of Operations who has witnessed and actively contributed to the firm’s evolution over the past 18 years. 

Laurie’s enthusiasm for her role at Froehling Anderson is contagious. She revels in the unpredictability of her day and cherishes the variety that comes with her responsibilities. As a key player concentrating on the inner workings of the firm, Laurie’s goal has been to alleviate the partners’ time spent running the business so that they can focus on their love for working with clients.

Laurie has been at the forefront of Froehling Anderson’s growth, witnessing expansions from outgrowing office spaces to welcoming new partners, and even establishing a presence in St. Cloud. Her involvement in strategic planning has not only shaped the firm’s trajectory but also focused on attracting and retaining top talent. For Laurie, “the workplace culture is the firm’s DNA.” Laurie’s commitment to people and staff has been instrumental in maintaining a workplace culture that is not confined to the office but serves as an “invisible bond connecting everyone” at Froehling Anderson.

After her upcoming retirement this December, Laurie envisions a future where Froehling Anderson continues its legacy of success. With a keen focus on succession planning and balancing the best interests of staff, partners, and the company, Laurie is confident that the firm is on the cusp of something even greater. As she emphasizes, “maintaining the special culture of Froehling Anderson is paramount,” ensuring it remains a truly exceptional place for both employees and clients.

In Laurie’s eyes, Froehling Anderson isn’t just a workplace; it’s a community where passion, dedication, and strategic thinking converge to create a legacy that transcends the challenges of time.