Ashley Forrer

Ashley knew numbers were for her since her first accounting class in high school. She loves talking with clients and getting to know them, their business, including their struggles and successes, then seeing how she can help. “Nothing makes me happier than knowing I made someone’s life better.” The variety of work available at Froehling Anderson has allowed Ashley to develop specialties in the business advisory services department and lets her really understand her clients on a deeper level.

Outside of work, Ashley spends time with her husband, her dog Odie, golfing, hiking, or sitting on a patio. She and her husband also foster dogs through Secondhand Hounds.

Jacquelyn Bistodeau

Jacque brings 15 years of experience working with closely held companies, corporations, estates and trusts, non-profits, and high net-worth individuals. At her core, it’s the chance to collaborate with clients and discover solutions that align most effectively with their needs that excites her. In fact, “it’s helping provide solutions for clients” that initially drove her to the field of accounting. Having worked with manufacturing companies for much of her career, she possesses a deep understanding of their unique financial challenges and operational intricacies. Her extensive background in financial analysis, strategic planning, and risk management allows her to provide invaluable insights to help companies optimize their processes, enhance profitability, and navigate market fluctuations effectively.

When she’s away from the office, Jacque dedicates her time to her family and friends. Balancing her role as a CPA and mother of two active boys, she enjoys spending time doing outdoor activities and is often spotted at the softball field throughout the summer months. Following a decade-long career in women’s rugby, she became an active member of St. Cloud’s nonprofit rugby association where she also assumes the informal position of photographer, capturing moments from local matches played in the community.

Michelle Bryz-Gornia

Throughout school, Michelle was drawn to the classes that were business-focused or numbers-based. To follow this path, she decided to pursue accounting in college and has realized her passion within this field. She says, “I enjoy being able to help people achieve their goals by understanding and assisting them with their financial situations.” After starting her career in state tax advisory, she found a home at Froehling Anderson in 2020, starting as a senior in the Tax Services Department. The variety of work within the tax group continues to push her to keep learning and growing as each day brings new challenges and problems to solve.

When Michelle is not at work, she likes to spend time outside with her family. She has found ways to appreciate all the seasons that Minnesota has to offer through activities like hiking/walking her dog, camping, boating, and snowmobiling. She also really enjoys playing soccer or watching it, especially to cheer on the Minnesota soccer teams.

Kari Greene

Kari has always loved math and puzzles from a young age, helping her dad balance his check book and doing Sudokus and puzzles in her spare time. Once she started her college accounting classes, she felt right at home. Kari is motivated and energized by passion and finds small business owners to be some of the most passionate people she has ever met. She came to Froehling Anderson in 2015 and enjoyed tax work, but really fell in love with audit and review work because, she says “I really get to know our clients and their businesses, and I get to see their excitement as they talk about their business and plans for the future.”

She was also able to apply her love of puzzles and problem solving. She says, “As well as their accomplishments, I also get to hear our client’s pain points, which are often accounting related. I am then able to apply my passion to relieve their stress. Being able to help our clients so they can focus on their business and passion is the most rewarding part of my job.” Kari spends her free time with her husband, son and daughter doing activities outside, seeing plays and concerts, trying new foods, watching movies, and traveling. She recently retired from an 18-year rugby career, but still goes and cheers on her team any chance she gets.

DJ Jahn

My wife recruited me to Froehling and I haven’t looked back. As nerdy as it sounds, taxation was extremely interesting to me since the first time I paper-filed my very first tax return to get a $27 federal refund. After spending 6 years in the Navy, I knew I had to get an accounting degree to get into the world of preparing tax returns. There, I met my wife while we were both pursuing accounting degrees at St. Cloud State. She wanted to be an auditor and I was going to do taxes but we knew enough about the other side of public accounting that we could debate which side was better (I obviously won).

While not working (and weather permitting), I love taking the family camping or to visit my 2-year-old son’s grandparents.

Morgan Jahn

Morgan was “born and raised” at Froehling Anderson, starting off as an intern. In fact, she did two internships with Froehling while in school before starting full time in October 2017. When she began, she didn’t know what she wanted to focus on. One of the many benefits to joining Froehling was the ability to dabble in different aspects of public accounting. Starting in the general services department allowed her to do a little bit of everything. Morgan eventually moved into audit, and although she enjoyed working on audits, she found her love for accounting services in the Financial Advisory Services department. She is QuickBooks ProAdvisor certified and has extensive knowledge working in

“I love talking to clients, connecting with them, learning about their business and helping them figure out accounting problems and streamlining processes for them,” says Morgan of what she most enjoys about her work. Outside of work, Morgan loves being outside, taking her dog on walks. With a toddler in the house, her time is pretty much dedicated to chasing him around!

Karlee Strack

I decided accounting was for me once I hit high school and took my first accounting class. Growing up I saw my mom do the accounting for our family business, so it must run in our blood! I started at Froehling Anderson in 2016 and quickly fell in love with taxes. I enjoy the relationships I have built with clients, and I’m always willing to lend a hand when any questions or issues arise.

Outside of work if I am not checking out a new brewery or restaurant, you’ll find me up north spending time on the lake with my family, husband, and our dog Junior.