Prioritizing People

As Froehling Anderson marks its 77-year milestone in 2023, the business consulting, tax, audit and accounting services firm has much to celebrate. From innovative marketing strategies to opening a new St. Cloud office, and bidding farewell to a valued leader, the year has been filled with growth, accomplishments, and lessons learned.

“At Froehling Anderson, we’ve always believed in the power of strong relationships. We’re all about building trust and creating a friendly environment for our clients and staff”, said CEO David Benusa. “Part of our internal strategy is looking closely at how to better serve our staff and clients. To make communication smoother and help us work efficiently behind the scenes.”

Technology took center stage in this year’s strategic plan, with the redevelopment of a 10-year-old website. The culmination of this effort is set to launch in 2024, promising a more dynamic and user-friendly digital experience. “These improvements are our way of making sure clients get not only our financial expertise but also a hassle-free and enriched collaboration. It’s our commitment to giving the best experience possible,” said Benusa.

Froehling Anderson has always stood at the intersection of tradition and innovation. With the St. Cloud office now open, Froehling Anderson is poised for further growth. The move is not just about physical expansion but a thoughtful step toward better servicing clients and becoming an integral part of a vibrant community. “Our team has strong ties to the area, and this move is rooted in a commitment to provide even more personalized service to our clients in St. Cloud and beyond. We hope to create meaningful connections and contribute to the growth and vitality of the communities we call home.”

Laurie Simonson, Director of Operations, reflects on the continued growth of Froehling Anderson ahead of her retirement from 18 years of service. “I’ve truly loved working here, and it will be hard to say goodbye,” said Simonson. “But it’s easier to retire knowing that Froehling Anderson is in a healthy position and successfully growing into the future.”

That future is not by luck but through thoughtful consideration from dedicated leaders such as Laurie Simonson. “Laurie is a big part of our firm’s culture,” said Benusa. “People seek us out because of our culture, and that’s due to Laurie’s commitment and dedication. She has always prioritized people.” 

Relationships have always been the heartbeat of Froehling Anderson. CEO Benusa says, “This industry is in constant flux, and we’re committed to offering our clients the very best. We navigate the ever-evolving areas of compliance, cybersecurity, and law. Yet, we understand that exceptional client service goes hand in hand with a content and motivated staff. Under the leadership of Laurie Simonson, our focus has consistently been on valuing people over numbers. While we’re sad to bid farewell to Laurie, her positive influence on our culture and, consequently, our success, will endure.”

As Froehling Anderson celebrates its 77th anniversary, the firm stands at the intersection of past achievements and future possibilities. The St. Cloud office opens doors to new horizons, while Laurie Simonson’s retirement marks the end of an era, leaving behind a legacy that will be cherished for years to come. Here’s to Froehling Anderson’s continued success and the exciting journey ahead in 2024 and beyond!