Laurie Simonson, PAFM

After 18 fulfilling years as Froehling Anderson’s Director of Operations, Laurie Simonson is now closing her work laptop and opening a new chapter, both literally and figuratively. As she enters a new season filled with endless opportunities and unknowns, she is looking forward to all that lies on the horizon.

After dedicating countless years to computer screens, timesheets, recruitment, and strategy meetings, Laurie is excited to join her husband in retirement. In this transitional period, she isn’t committing to any big plans or trips, opting instead to give herself the time and space needed to discover her new rhythms. Among these rhythms, she envisions regular walks, moments at the cabin, and gatherings with friends.

Ever the strategist, Laurie has identified four key focuses for her retirement: spending quality time with her grandchildren at hockey arenas, cherishing moments with their new grandbaby, volunteering with inner-city kids, and reconnecting with her marketing roots. By combining her love for people and family with her expertise in helping others succeed, Laurie paints a beautiful picture of how she envisions spending her retirement.

Though relaxation is high on the priority list, Laurie hopes to continue using the skills she’s honed over her career. Motivated by a desire to help others, Laurie intends to help students prepare for the workforce through support in resume building, selecting interview attire, and the art of developing a personal brand. Froehling Anderson has benefited from Laurie’s expertise in hiring and recruitment for years, and now, Laurie will continue to support her community by sharing this expertise.

Acknowledging that retirement, while eagerly anticipated, comes with its own set of challenges, Laurie remarks, “Retirement is going to feel strange after working my whole life. I have heard the first six months are brutal. It will be weird to be out of the working world and not feel as up-to-date on things.”

Amidst the opportunities and uncertainties of retirement, Laurie is steadfast about one thing—leaving the firm in an excellent place. She holds a profound affection for Froehling and is enthusiastic about the firm’s future growth. As she steps back from her role, Laurie hopes to be remembered as a caring individual, someone who not only conceptualized ideas but implemented them, and as a contributor to the firm’s continuous growth.

Thank you, Laurie! You will be missed at Froehling Anderson, but we can’t wait to see what you do next!