Chris Schroers brings a wealth of expertise and experience to our team, rooted in her deep passion for the accounting industry. Her love of numbers and genuine enjoyment in assisting others were sparked by a high school accounting teacher who made the subject not just informative but also engaging and enjoyable. Chris quickly grasped that the accounting realm is as much about interpersonal connections as it is about figures.

Chris started her career as a Tax Assembler at a CPA firm, where she first crossed paths with Laurie Simonson, the Firm Administrator at the time. After Laurie’s departure, Chris smoothly transitioned into the role and dedicated 25 years to the firm. With a merger came a new chapter, and Chris took on the role of Director of Operations, where she has served for the past nine years. Now, she eagerly steps into the position of Froehling Anderson’s Director of Operations.

Demonstrating her strengths in finance and people management, coupled with her nurturing demeanor, Chris has significantly contributed to the success and influence of the firms she has been a part of. Laurie Simonson regards her as the perfect fit to carry Froehling Anderson’s legacy forward, and we are delighted to add her to our ranks.

What captivates Chris about Froehling Anderson is our culture of putting people first, and she expresses excitement about “getting to be a part of the growth and culture.” She appreciates how Froehling Anderson’s core values permeate every aspect of our operations. Chris aspires to further enhance our reputation and presence and make a positive impact in both the Minneapolis and St. Cloud areas.

Driven by a profound desire to assist others, Chris’s commitment to helping people is evident in her open-door policy at Froehling. Always ready to lend an ear and a helping hand, she embodies the essence of compassionate leadership.

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Chris Schroers as she becomes an integral part of the Froehling Team!