Dear Alexis and Logan

We’re thrilled to welcome you to Froehling Anderson! As you embark on this exciting journey, we want to assure you that you’re not just interns; you’re valuable members of our team. We know the transition from academia to the professional world can be intimidating, but you’re in for a rewarding experience. We thoughtfully plan our internship program to provide you with a welcoming and valuable experience.

Alexis, it’s fantastic to have you on board as an Accounting student from Minnesota State University, Mankato! Your desire to expand your knowledge and build connections resonates with our values. At Froehling Anderson, we understand the importance of fostering a supportive environment for interns to learn and grow.

Logan, a warm welcome to you as a senior in Accounting at St. Cloud State University! Your enthusiasm for hands-on experience aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing practical knowledge. We’re here to help you bridge the gap between academic learning and the real-world application of accounting principles.

Learning from the Past:

Let’s take a moment to share insights from some of our previous interns who, like you, embarked on their internship journey with hopes (and some nerves!).

One intern reflected on the initial fears of starting their internship, resonating with the feelings many newcomers share. They reported the learning curve can be steep, but the support and camaraderie they found among colleagues helped ease the transition. At Froehling Anderson, our commitment to teaching and mentorship means all interns should feel like a valued part of the firm.

Another intern shared their experience as an audit intern, expressing both excitement and trepidation. The exposure to real-world audits and the support from the team helped them gain confidence, and the intern finished the internship with a deeper understanding of audit processes. Our commitment to all interns is that your experience will give you valuable insight into your interests and passions, allowing you to make informed decisions about your future.

What Awaits You at Froehling Anderson:

Alexis and Logan, you can expect a similar commitment to your growth and development at Froehling Anderson. We believe in providing a supportive environment where questions are encouraged, challenges are opportunities to learn, and every intern is an essential part of our team.

Your journey with us will be marked by hands-on experiences, exposure to various facets of accounting, and the chance to build meaningful connections with colleagues. Our doors are always open for questions, guidance, and collaboration.

As you embark on this internship, remember – you’re not just interns; you’re professionals contributing to the success of Froehling Anderson. We look forward to witnessing your growth and accomplishments during your time with us.


Best regards,

The Froehling Anderson Team